10 Reasons to Do Pilates

1 Rejuvenate your Mind, Body and Spirit

Pilates is truly a unification of all these items. Joseph Pilates believed his regimen could help connect an individual's body through mindful movement which would then lead to a strong sense of spirit.

2 You neck bone is connected to your back bone...

Pilates work is famous for healing and strengthening the entire spine. Carefully designed movements address the deep musculature of the back and core. When these movements are performed precisely and routinely under the skilled eye of a well trained instructor, the results are amazing!

3 Develop aesthetically pleasing and highly functional muscles

Pilates is a comprehensive, total body regimen. Individuals who train on Pilate's specially designed apparatus get strong! Muscles are lengthened and strengthened without adding bulk or stockiness. Muscles developed this way are highly functional and well defined.


We can't guarantee you will need to let your hems out but... Some clients make claim that their posture has improved so much, they not only stand taller, they feel taller! Creating space around vertebrae that are compressed on a daily basis can indeed give you a sense of length!

5 Enhance your Athletic Prowess

Drive your golf ball farther, make your tennis serve faster or your running stride smoother. Pilates is a perfect match for any athlete at any level looking to improve their game or physical performance.

6 Develop great "CORE" VALUES

Pilates is the most core education and training you'll ever experience. The method teaches an individual to harness the power of the core though precise breathing and movement patterns. Every movement is taught to originate with core stability and awareness even if you are performing an exercise for the arms.

7 Put the Mind in the Muscle

You will become "Smarter" or at least learn the best way to train your body smarter to prevent injury. There is a reason why they call Pilates "Intelligent Exercise"

8 R.O.M.

Yes, you will increase your range of motion with regular practice in Pilates. The movements are designed to be performed towards maximum safe ranges of motion according to an individual's inherent flexibility.

9 Be Ageless

Pilates is great for any age of participant but it is remarkably easy on the joints and can be done into the mature years of one's life with great results.

10 Renewable Energy Source

Walk away from your session with a renewed sense of energy, balance, strength and mental clarity to breeze through the rest of your day!

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Pilates has made all the difference in the world in helping me be a successful masters athlete in softball and racquetball at the national level. I'm a 63 year old woman and has successfully recovered from a hip resurface one year ago! I have worked with Aimee Levesque over seven years and extensively during the recovery phase of my hip.  Pilates means core strength and endurance which translates into torque, power, and flexibility in sports. Smart Body Pilates Studio is state of the art and Aimee is a superb instructor and trainer. I look forward to continuing Pilates with Aimee for many sports years to come!

Dee, 63 years old

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